Production Capacity

4,000 tons/day

Since we encompass a very large network of rice manufacturers, we can currently accommodate orders for over 4,000 tons of rice per day.
With the strength of our affiliates and highly experienced team, we can provide premium rice, alongside first-class service, for all of our partners world-wide.


Our Products

Thai Hom Mali Rice

Thai Hom Mali Rice is also known around the world as Thai Jasmine Rice, Fragrant Rice, Scented Rice and Aroma Rice. Thai Hom Mali Rice has its roots in Thailand, and so therefore the highest quality Hom Mali Rice is grown only in Thailand, particularly up in the northeast region, due to the optimum environmental factors there. Hom Mali Rice is famous for its appearance, cooking texture and aroma.

Thai Pathumthani Fragrant Rice

This type of rice has recently been successfully developed through the cross-breeding of Hom Mali Rice and Naa-Bprang Rice (off-season rice). This new strain has features akin to Thai Hom Mali Rice. Both its natural aroma and its texture are not much different from Thai Hom Mali Rice.

Thai White Rice

When cooked, this strain of rice has a solid texture and becomes fluffy, which is ideal for those who prefer hard-cooking rice.


Thai Glutinous Rice

Because of its milky color, Thai Glutinous Rice can easily be distinguished from other varieties. Due to its sticky texture after being cooked, it is generally well-known as “sticky rice”. Rice comprises of two kinds of starch in the kernels, namely amylopectin and amylose. High levels of the first are the cause of the sticky texture in Glutinous Rice. Thai Glutinous Rice can be used for both main dishes and various desserts.

Thai Parboiled Rice

This type of rice is produced by using a special technique during the production process. The paddy is drenched in hot water until it becomes enriched with 30-40% humidity. It then undergoes pressure steaming, dehydration and is finally milled. This special technique of soaking helps retain essential natural nutrients in the kernels. The yellowish color of Parboiled Rice is the result of the pressure steaming process. This type of rice is favored in the Middle East and India.

Thai Brown Rice

All rice strains can be produced as Brown Rice by being partly milled. This type of rice is highly nutritious as the bran layer is still intact. Compared to other varieties it’s highly enriched with vitamin B, Iron and Magnesium. Brown Rice is also known as Cargo Rice and Loonzain Rice in some parts of the world.


Organic Rice

As the number of health-conscious consumers world-wide continues to increase, organic rice growing is prevailing more and more. However, compared to other types of agricultural practices, it’s still practiced less and limited to certain regions. Organic rice growing is an agricultural practice which avoids using any synthetic chemicals at all. For example, fertilizers, insecticides, preservatives, seed treatments, hormones and such like are not used at all in the growing and production processes. Currently, we provide only exclusively selected high-standard organic Thai Jasmine Rice and Rice Berry. The latter is a recently successfully developed Thai strain of rice. Rice Berry is prominent with its purple color, and is currently very popular among Thai people. This is not only because Rice Berry is highly nutritious, but because it is also highly enriched with antioxidants which reduce the chances of getting cancer.



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