A Company Profile

The Siam Golden Grain Company Ltd. was born as a result of the advancement and natural evolution of a group of Thai rice mill owners.Although the firm was established in 2014, the firm’s management team has been selected from a pool of highly experienced rice mill owners and business executives, who have been engaged in the rice manufacturing industry for more than 40 years.Our affiliates have factories in many different parts of the country, but they are mostly located in the central Thai provinces. Some are also located in the northeast of Thailand, in an area famed for producing the finest Hom Mali Rice (Jasmine Rice) in the country.Being a manufacturer means that we have certain competitive advantages over other rice suppliers – particularly regarding the quality and pricing of our products.With regards to quality, one of our affiliates has a rice-sorting machine dealership. This means we have expertise in, and access to, highly advanced state-of-the-art machinery and techniques for rice improvement.When it comes to price, we are able to offer our valued customers exceptionally competitive rates for all our premium rice products. Our highest priority and concern in fact, is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction based on our product’s high quality and low cost.Our company mission is to produce and deliver the finest Thai rice of only the highest quality – in a safe, hygienic, reliable, trustworthy, efficient and environmentally friendly manner.We have deliberately set out our vision to be quickly recognized by the world markets as one of the performance leaders in the Thai rice supply industry; our company constantly strives to implement certain key principles to achieve this goal. One of these key principles is to supply only high-quality grains which are tailored to meet the specific requirements of our valued customers.Apart from supplying premium quality rice at thoroughly competitive prices and being an ethical, reliable and trustworthy partner, we aim for excellence in every other area of our production and supply operations as well. We consistently outperform our peers by delivering operational excellence at every corner of our organization, and always meet – and many times exceed – our commitment to our many customers world-wide.We believe that by following these basic principles and practices, we will continue to yield sustainable and mutually beneficial business partnerships worldwide, and be as valued to our customers as they are to us.

Production Capacity

Since we encompass a very large network of rice manufacturers, we can currently accommodate orders for over 4,000 tons of rice per day. With the strength of our affiliates and highly experienced team, we can provide premium rice, alongside first-class service, for all of our partners world-wide.Our affiliated supplier’s plants are without exception modern facilities which are equipped with modern machinery – and safety, hygiene and environmentally friendly production processes, as well as talented human resources, are always top priorities for us.

Quality control

Quality control is our primary concern. This enables us to always maintain a very high standard of quality across all of our rice range. By elaborately monitoring every single step of the production process (including laboratory inspections, cleansing, sorting, destining, polishing and packing), and with the use of modern technology, we can ensure our customers will receive only the highest standard of rice – every time.